About Us

URD Queen as a brand started in 2013 followed by Beauty and Training Academy in 2016. The
founder of the brand is Internationally Awarded Nail Master and Educator Maria Tamosiune.

Maria has 7 highest Awards of 1st places and multiple different Awards of 2nd and 3rd places along
with gratitudes and aknowledgment in the Nail Industry. Maria participated in various Nail Shows
and Nail Competitions. The Awards were received in different categories – Nail Sculpturing, Nail
Art Boxes, Posters and etc. Maria gained her knowledge by studying in different Europe countries
and visiting different Beauty Shows in Paris, London, Dublin, Vilnius, Riga, Tallin and many more.
URD Queen Beauty and Training Academy overstepped 10 years of active development and has
more than 500 graduates – students, who spread the quality of the brand all over UK and outside UK
in other countries around the world, such as Netherlands, Philippines,  Lithuania, Spain and etc. The
most important goals of URD Queen Professional Nail Academy are the highest standards and the
quality. All the courses are accredited and provided students with starter kits and remote supervision
after the course.


I am a friendly, fully qualified, insured and DBS-checked foot health practitioner. I am highly dedicated to providing quality foot care services and treatment options to help ease your problems.
I started my journey in the beauty industry offering pedicures and manicures and later on branched out into teaching others. It did not take long for me to realize how much I enjoyed working with feet and I decided to pursue a career in the foot care industry because I wanted to make a difference. My experience allows me to treat and offer advice on a range of foot ailments and my clients consist of all age groups, including those with diabetes, athlete’s foot, arthritis and mobility problems. I also treat people who just want some well-deserved pampering for their feet!
I also work as an educator and mentor students to help build the foundations of the future foot care experts.


I am a qualified nail technician and one of the educators of URD Queen Academy. I am hardworking, attentive to details, responsible and dedicated to my work. 

I met URD Queen team more than 2 years ago and since then I realized that one of my goals is to be a part of it. As a perfectionist I have a very high standard of quality. I always pay attention to the smallest details, so that everything will be perfect for my job. 

I believe that anyone can become a beauty professional, who has the passion, interest, and dedication to learn and master the skill.


My name is Armante and I am junior educator at URD Queen Academy. I have amost a decade long history in nail and beauty industry, but only in 2020 I started a proper career.

I do all types of manicures and pedicures, also teaching how to work with upper forms.

I am happily learning new techniques and sharing them with you, whether you are a client or a student.